Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photo Hunt

"Four" was the theme for this week's Photo Hunt. This was pretty tricky, and If I understand the rules correctly I am allowed to use old photos, they don't have to be recently taken. After not being able to find anything with a number 4 in it, or 4 of anything, I give you this: A photo taken ON the FOURTH of July. Eh, tricky, no? Heh.

In case you were wondering, I took this photo using a tripod, the nikon wireless remote, and manually controlled the shutter... basically, when the fireowrks started I pressed the remote to open the shutter, and when it was done exploding, I pressed it again to close the shutter. This is the best way to get awesome fireworks pics! See, you got a mini photography lesson today! :)



What is this photo hunt that you speak of? It looks fun!