Friday, March 20, 2009


How about a creepy story for the first day of spring?

There's a cemetery in my town, Hankey Church Cemetery, that is rumored to be haunted. You can find it listed on many haunted places websites, like here, here, here, and countless others... just google it!

I have had a few strange encounters there, especially back in my teen years, but these are stories for another day. Today, I have a photo to show you!

Please keep in mind, I did not alter this photo, or photo shop this in there, I swear on my life!! I didn't even notice the face until I printed it out at work. I cropped the photo to zoom in more on the face. See if you can spot it, it's not hard...

Freaky, eh? Here's one even closer up.

That face is NOT on the actual tombstone. I can only see it in this photo.

I'm going back to get more photos this weekend, hopefully!



I love creepy stuff like this!

Stephanie from twitter

...and you are going back...not sure I!!!


Wow! That is EXTREMELY creepy! That's just beyond bizarre. I love it though! ;)
I just wanted to compliment your blog! I found you on SITS and am so glad I stopped by. You have a brilliant talent for photography, which I admire VERY much!
I would give anything to have a nice camera (LOL), for I absolutely love photography myself.
This particular photo is still absolutely gorgeous...but I have to admit that face REALLY creeps me out!